Capture the Galaxy with STAR WARS Shin Hati Action Figure, Available for Pre-Order Now

Experience the STAR WARS Universe like never before with the highly-detailed Ahsoka Shin Hati collectible figure, right from the comfort of your home.

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Tap into the universe of STAR WARS with the STAR WARS The Black Series Shin Hati, Ahsoka Collectible 6-Inch Action Figure, an iconic accessory for every dedicated fan of this groundbreaking franchise. This collector’s item, available exclusively on Amazon, is more than just a toy; it’s a symbol of storytelling excellence and cinematic history.

Anyone who has fallen in love with this epic space opera franchise knows the significance of the Ahsoka Tano character. Inspired by the live-action series STAR WARS: AHSOKA on Disney+, this Shin Hati action figure represents Ahsoka after the fall of the Empire. Just as true to the series, it embodies the former Jedi Knight’s journey as she investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy..

Measuring 6 inches (15 cm), this action figure is built for keen attention to details, offering a premium deco and fully articulated form. What makes the STAR WARS The Black Series Shin Hati, Ahsoka Collectible 6 Inch Action Figure more exciting is that it comes with a character-inspired accessory. Furthermore, it’s suitable for collectors and fans aged four years and up, making it a significant addition to both children’s play sets and adults’ STAR WARS collections.


Unleash your passion for STAR WARS by starting or growing your collection of the entire universe of this leading franchise’s entertainment-inspired collectibles. Look for more STAR WARS The Black Series action figures available on Amazon, each embodying a different allure and offering a unique experience. After all, each action figure is sold separately and subject to availability.

Today, stand up to seize the galaxy with the STAR WARS The Black Series Shin Hati, Ahsoka Collectible 6-Inch Action Figure. Whether you’re fueling your adventurous spirit, chronicling your love for STAR WARS, or looking to surprise a fellow fan, this action figure makes an outstanding selection. Enter the STAR WARS realm with Shin Hati and make your playtime or display shelf reflect the endless expanse of adventures that await in a galaxy far, far away.