Elevate Your Gaming Experience with the Razer Basilisk V3 Gaming Mouse, 37% Off for Prime Day: Ends Tonight

Crafted with fastest switches, impressive RGB lighting, and a high-precision optical sensor - and now on a 37% discount

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As a dedicated gamer, you know how critical a powerful, responsive, and comfortable gaming mouse is to your overall gaming experience. One such device that fits this profile perfectly is the Razer Basilisk V3 Customizable Ergonomic Gaming Mouse. Not only does it provide exceptionally smooth operation, but it also packs a host of features to catapult your gaming to unprecedented levels. Right now, there’s no better time to grab this gem on Amazon as it’s currently at a generous 37% discount.

The Basilisk V3 is more than just a gaming mouse. Its iconic ergonomic design, complete with a thumb rest, endears it to millions of gamers worldwide. It ensures the utmost comfort during prolonged gaming sessions while positioning its 11 programmable buttons at an optimal distance for quick, easy access. With the Razer Basilisk V3 in your hand, you will never miss an essential action like push-to-talk, ping, or any other in-game command.

This gaming mouse also stands out for its innovative Hyperscroll Tilt Wheel. You can speed through content with a scroll wheel that free-spins until it’s stopped. Conversely, you can switch to the tactile mode for more precision, giving you satisfying feedback, ideal for cycling through weapons or skills on Amazon.


The Razer Basilisk V3 takes personalization to astounding heights with its 11 Razer Chroma RGB lighting zones. You can customize each zone from countless lighting effects and over 16.8 million colors. Best of all, the lighting reacts dynamically with over 150 Chroma integrated games. It isn’t just a mouse; it’s a visual spectacle.

Let’s talk about performance. The Razer Basilisk V3 is fitted with GEN 2 Optical Mouse Switches. Say goodbye to unintended misclicks and enjoy crisp, responsive execution at a blistering 0.2ms actuation speed. To top it off, these switches are durable enough to withstand up to 70 million clicks.


When it comes to accuracy, Razer’s Basilisk V3 doesn’t disappoint. Outfitted with a 26K DPI optical sensor, this gaming mouse flawlessly tracks movement with zero smoothing, allowing for crisp responses and pixel-precise accuracy. Essentially, every move you make translates accurately into your game, giving you an edge over your rivals.


With its formidable blend of design, functionality, and performance, the Razer Basilisk V3 Customizable Ergonomic Gaming Mouse is a must-have for any avid gamer. Don’t let this opportunity slip by; head over to Amazon today and take advantage of the generous 37% discount. Happy gaming!

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