Improve Your Smile With Our 81% Exclusive Discount on Invisible Braces From Byte

With Byte, you can straighten your teeth entirely from home -- no dental office visits.

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Byte makes the process of straightening your teeth simple.
Byte makes the process of straightening your teeth simple.
Graphic: Elise Caplan

We all want straighter, brighter teeth, right? But it’s a drag to spend a ton of money on a process that requires going to a dentist or orthodontist’s office all the time. That’s where Byte comes in. They offer invisible braces, but without the need to make appointments — the process can be done entirely from your home, from making the impressions that create your first aligners to receiving new aligners that continue to straighten your teeth. The best part is, Byte is offering a special deal to Inventory readers. When you use our link, you can get your impression kit for just $18 (down from $95), a discount on aligners, and a free LED teeth whitener.

Byte invisible braces | Impression kit for $18, exclusive aligner discount, and free LED teeth whitener | Byte 

Getting to skip office visits is a huge bonus, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have expert doctors weighing in. According to Byte, every customer’s treatment plan is “reviewed and approved by your state-licensed doctor to help ensure you’re a great candidate for clear aligners before you start your journey.” So you can be confident that Byte will work for you and your smile when you start the process. Check out their exclusive deal now.