Re-Oxygenate Your Skin with LYMA Skincare and Laser Treatments

You don't have to fall victim to the pitfalls of aging skin when you use products from LYMA Skincare.

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Jumpstart your skin’s oxygen retention abilities with LYMA.
Jumpstart your skin’s oxygen retention abilities with LYMA.
Graphic: Brittany Vincent

There’s one unfortunate truth about aging: it’s inevitable. That’s partially because as we age, the oxygen levels in our skin decrease, which speeds up the ageing process. By the time we hit 40, our skin has already lost about 60% of its oxygen capacity. Menopause can make it worse. A staggering 85% of UK women experience unprecedented skin changes during menopause, including dryness, dehydration, sensitivity, and breakouts. To combat this, skin scientists can’t stress enough how important it is to replenish skin’s oxygen supply. How do you do that? With LYMA Skincare and laser treatments, of course.

LYMA Skincare Serum and Cream Starter Kit | $525 a month and up | LYMA
LYMA Laser Starter Kit | $2695 | LYMA

LYMA Skincare is a great way to enrich your skin with the power of oxygen. Founded by Lucy Goff, LYMA revives your skin’s oxygen supplies to great results: a potential 72% boost in hydration, 51% enhancement in firmness, and reduced skin redness by 21%, just to name a few benefits.

The LYMA Laser System is also an option if you’re dealing with aging skin. It’s a tool designed help your skin soak up nutrients. Use it with the LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide and your results will be like getting a professional oxygen facial, but 30 times more powerful.


The LYMA Oxygen Mist, which comes packed with Active Stabilised Oxygen (ASO), reinvigorates skin and promotes better blood flow and moisture retention. You can use it in tandem with LYMA Oxygen Glide, which works to offer deep hydration for a more radiant complexion. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today and see what LYMA can do for your skin!