Refreshing! This “Slow Juicer” Is Only $100, Down From $400

Take 75% off the easiest way to consume your veggies.

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Blend and juice everything you eat because it’s convenient.
Blend and juice everything you eat because it’s convenient.
Image: Jason Coles

Consider the green juice. Easy to drink, usually tastes more refreshing than a plain vegetable since you can add sweetness and acid by adding fruits, and probably (I think?) good for you. If you’re like, “Hell yeah, that’s what I want to buy today,” grab this slow juicer for only $80 at Amazon. It’s 75% off, making it just $100. It’s the #1 bestseller in “masticating juicers.” Sounds gross, but that just means “chewing.” Which might sound grosser?

Whall Slow Juicer | $100 | 75% Off | Amazon

Anyway. “Cold press” means that it crushes your produce before juicing them, yielding the most juice with the most nutrients. It also prevents the juice from heating, which could change the flavor. The bestselling Whall juicer is also super-duper quiet and easy to clean. Perhaps, a new summer staple. It’s kind of bananas (ha ha) that this used to be $400—enjoy this cold-pressed deal.


This deal was originally published by Jason Coles on 7/7/23 and updated with new information by Se Jeong Bae on 10/11/23.