Make The Most Of This Free Pre-Prime Day Deal And Get Kindle Unlimited For Free For Three Months

Start or get back into the habit of reading, it's good for you.

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You can read as much as your brain can take.
You can read as much as your brain can take.
Image: Jason Coles

You’ve been pushing off reading because you “don’t have time”. You know that’s just a lame excuse. Now is the time to take advantage of Kindle Unlimited’s free trial, which is available thanks to a Prime Day offer, and non-Prime members can still get one month for free too. Step into the habit of reading or listening if you prefer audiobooks on any device you own. It helps relieve stress, exercises your brain, and improves sleep.

Kindle Unlimited | Prime Members Free 3-Month Trial | Prime Exclusive

If you are already a Prime member, get 3 months for free. Nothing like giving back to loyal customers. With access to over 2 million digital titles and thousands of ebooks, stay entertained and boost your ability to focus. Visit some old favorites and discover some new ones today for free. Prime members can get three months of unlimited reading for free with Kindle Unlimited starting now as an early prime day deal.


Originally written by Jason Coles on 6/22/23 and updated with new infomation by Miranda Martin on 7/11/23, 7/13/23, and 10/3/23.