Banish Discomfort When Traveling With The Twisty, Comfy Infinity Pillow

Change the way you sleep on the go with this travel pillow that makes catching some Zs as easy as pie.

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Traveling in comfort has just become infinitely easier.
Traveling in comfort has just become infinitely easier.
Graphic: Mike Fazioli

If you’re the type of person to let your head just nod off while traveling, you’re gonna have to stop that right away. It’s not cute, it’s not comfortable, and most of all, it’s not supportive. You need to get an Infinity Pillow to change things up, pronto. And you’ll be glad that you did. This soft, cooling pillow will keep your neck protected, super comfy, and in a position where you won’t wake up with cramps after nodding off and catching some Zs. Plus, perhaps most importantly, it’s only $45. Think of how much money you might save Add an accessory like the Infinity Pillow Travel Case or Bamboo Sleep Mask to take your order over $50 and you also get it shipped for free.

Infinity Pillow | $45 | Infinity Pillow

What Is an Infinity Pillow?

The challenges of finding the ideal travel pillow have never been addressed so uniquely, more innovatively, or as well. The Infinity Pillow’s patented Möbius shape — the infinite loop which lends its name to the pillow — is perfect for twisting, wrapping, and any other form of manipulating to create your unique ideal comfort point. Give it the right twists and it can be used as an eye mask, back cushion, or noise-canceling head wrap. But as a pillow it provides unmatched comfort and neck support on planes, in hotels, at your desk, or in your own bed.


What Is the Infinity Pillow Made From?

It’s made of breathable, sustainable, amazingly soft bamboo fabric and filled with microfibers only 10 microns in diameter, which expand and intertwine to form air pockets for ultimate lightness and plushness. The inner and outer layers join to create a temperature-regulating effect that keeps you cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold. It’s also machine washable and gets softer and more snuggly as you continue to use it.


How Well Does the Infinity Pillow Support My Neck?

Wrap the Infinity Pillow around your neck and pull one end through the other, and the ultra-soft materials conform to your body’s shape without constricting you, giving you incredible neck support. When used as a back cushion, it has the same effect for lumbar support and helps you relieve muscles strained from travel or just from a long day.


What Makes the Infinity Pillow So Perfect for Travel?

Normal travel pillows can assume only one shape, and can be notoriously stiff or inflexible. The thin little pillows provided by the airlines are hardly worth bringing up. The Infinity Pillow’s innovative Möbius shape makes it the perfect window pillow or great neck support for the aisle or dreaded middle seat. It easily twists into a blackout-quality eye mask, saving you the need to buy a separate mask. And if you’re on a loud flight or stuck in a hotel with inconsiderate loud neighbors, the Infinity Pillow conforms around your head to double as a noise-canceling wrap. It’s also small and lightweight, and the design makes it easy to loop over the handle of a wheeled carry-on or over your shoulder for effortless portability.

How Do I Get One?

Right here, for only $45. Check out the travel case ($12.50) or bamboo sleep mask ($17.50) if you want to push your order over the $50 mark for free shipping.


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