Treat Your Dog With Freshly Made Food from Nom Nom — Save 50% on Your First Order

This premium brand delivers the best vitamins and nutrients for your furry friend.

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With Nom Nom, you get no fillers, no nonsense.
With Nom Nom, you get no fillers, no nonsense.
Graphic: Elise Caplan

We all want what’s best for our pets, and that starts with feeding them well every day. Of course, the market is crowded with options proclaiming they’re the best ... But when it comes to this brand, we really think they’re onto something. Nom Nom makes its dog food with real, wholesome ingredients (no fillers). Its recipes were developed by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist who works in-house. And the company has thought of everything to make feeding your furry friend as convenient as possible (pre-portioned meals, multiple recipes). Follow the link below, and you can save 50% on your first order with our deal, plus get free shipping.

Nom Nom dog food subscription | 50% off your first order, plus free shipping | Nom Nom

Nom Nom wants you and your dog to have the best experience possible with their product. So they designed a system where you input your dog’s info — age, breed, weight, allergies, and protein preferences — and they create a food program specifically for them. You will also get personalized insights into your dog’s weight, GI, and joint health with reports prepared by Nom Nom scientists. They take the work of boosting your dog’s health seriously. Check out the deal now, and save 50% on your first order, plus free shipping, when you sign up with Nom Nom.